Travel top wishes for these UAE residents

Dubai – People have different wishes for each new year. But 2021 certainly has a priority desire for everyone: the end of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resumption of normal global travel.

This was evident when Gulf News asked some UAE residents of different nationalities to share their five best wishes for the new year.

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Below are their wish lists:

Omar Hassan Alhouti, Emirates
1. The world should be at peace with no more wars.

2. COVID-19 is expected to disappear.

3. Traveling around the world should be normal

4. You should have a job that benefits the organization and the country.

5. Continue my learning journey with an MBA and then a PhD.

Eunyi Sung, Korean
1. World victory over COVID-19

2. I travel to an exotic country I haven’t been to. One of the best parts of life in Dubai is that it is easier to travel the world than to travel from Korea (Far East).

3. Form my family.

4. Improve personal finances and stay healthy.

5. Go to music festivals that hopefully return to the old days.

Garth Tiltmann, South African
1. COVID-19 should end up bringing humanity together to care for each other.

2. The health of society, combined with global financial stability, must be restored, helping to secure employment for all.

3. The company’s prosperity as a return derived from courageous and lasting perseverance laid the foundation in 2020.

4. The family must be healthy and safe.

5. Be grateful for what we have as a family.

Gabriel Afrim, Syrian
1. My family and everyone should be in good health.

2. The economic situation should return to normal and tourism should be relaunched.

4. All airports must be open so that I can visit my family, especially my mother.

5. Expand projects in different cities.

Mohamed Abdalla, Sudanese
1. End the global pandemic

2. Become a healthier and more sporty person

3. Live in a peaceful world

4. Perform Hajj or Umrah

5. Travel on vacation to see new places

Jeremiah Sinto, Indian
Jeremiah Sinto
1. No more pandemics

2. Back to school with friends

3. Birthday parties with friends and cousins I got lost due to social separation.

4. Next Christmas with grandparents at home like days before COVID

5. Barça [Barcelona football team] win the 2021 Champions League

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