These Are Tops Most best assault rifles in the world

The world has developed several hundred different models of assault rifles. They all have drawbacks and advantages, and some are no longer used and owned by collectors. To find out which are the best assault rifles, the best assault rifles in the world have been created.

# 5 – HK416
This weapon called HK416 was produced in 2004. Fairly weak recoil, good ergonomics and ease of use in the field are the main advantages of the weapon. In addition, universality is taken into account, because soldiers can use it in various war conditions.

The ability to conduct direct fire at a distance of up to 600 m. Firing speed: 850 shots per minute. The main constructive disadvantage of the HK416 is the overheating of the barrel during prolonged firing, which is why the weapon begins to move away. In many countries, the assault rifle is the primary weapon for special units. Among all the representatives of the top, HK416 is considered one of the most popular on the modern market.

# 4 – Steyr AUGUST A3
In the ranking of the best assault rifles in the world, this rifle is in fifth place. The arms manufacturer is an Austrian company that has been operating successfully since the 70s of the last century. Since the first developments, this assault rifle has been significantly modified and elaborated many times. The weight of the rifle is approximately 4 kg without an installed magazine with cartridges.

Actively used by the armies of France and Morocco. It is also in service with many other wild boar countries. Among other modifications of this rifle, experts point out the high reliability of the Steyr AUG A3.

# 3 – TAR-21 (Tavor)

This rifle is manufactured by Israeli manufacturers. Robustness, reliability, effective protection against mechanical stress, as well as the possibility of using both right-handed and left-handed are the main advantages. In addition, there are opportunities to mount a grenade launcher and a sight for night vision. If desired, a silencer is installed.

Thanks to a well thought-out design and high ergonomics, the fighter of an armed TAR-21 is much more likely to go unnoticed by an enemy than to use other weapons. In one minute, the assault rifle can produce around 900 rounds. Weight 3.27 kg.

A standard magazine can hold 30 rounds and when using a larger capacity magazine it can hold up to 100 rounds. This model was developed in 1993 but was only adopted in 2001. The Tabor is still used successfully in various armies and units around the world.

# 2 – FN SCAR-H
The assault rifle is an assault rifle and created jointly by Belgian and US companies. Of all the instances of automatic weapons used by the US Army, the FN SCAR-H rifle won the title of best assault rifle of 2014. Minimum performance, comfortable operating conditions and reliability are the main advantages of the rifle. Deservedly one of the three best assault rifles in the world in 2016.

The weight of the machine is 3.19 kg. 625 rounds can be fired in one minute. The maximum target shooting distance is 900 meters. The shop holds 30 rounds. Until now, the rifle has been used exclusively by the US military. Currently, FN SCAR-H is considered one of the best modern and expensive rifles.

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