The Greek Way Secret

I have tried grilled meats all over the world. Before guiding you through the different technologies (gas barbecue, charcoal barbecue, Mongolian, sauces, recipes) I will talk about the Greek style. Greeks like good food, so I’ll start with meat. Whatever the technology, the recipe and the sauce, if the meat comes from a producer who feeds his animals in the traditional way, the taste will be excellent. Period.

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There is no equivalent to a natural rosé made from beef, raspberry or pork. The taste is magical! If you come on vacation to Greece, you will see the old woman with the two or three cows or goats in the morning or in the afternoon. These animals will be served at the local tavern. For this meat of which I speak. If we talk about the islands where the goats drink sea water and eat the local weeds, we are talking about a superior quality meat almost pre-salted.

If you ever go to CRETE to try it, you will remember my words. In case you visit northern Greece, try the local veal stake. You can see good food where you won’t see foreigners at all.

So let’s go to Athens and see the best ones. One of the best barbecue taverns in the Athens area is Telis on Evripidou Str.

Telis is the master of pork chops. This is his specialty. If he orders a plate, he will notice four to five pieces on top of the fries. It is open all day and is also very cheap. It’s kind of a quick pork tenderloin. It is a must as you visit Athens. Another must try is the Thanasis kebab souvlaki at Thision. It is a mixture of raspberry and ground beef on the grill. You can eat a plate of four, with grilled tomatoes, or you can taste the traditional way in a pita. However, it is very difficult to eat just one. If you like hot cards, ask them.

Another souvlaki not to be missed in Athens is LEIBADIA at KANIGOS SQUARE. There you can eat the traditional pork souvlaki with all the village bread you can eat. They produce all day, so every time you are there you will taste it directly from the embers.

All over Greece we like to grill. The device we choose must be tested to produce our favorite flavor. Our meats are previously marinated with olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano. While grilling we add a little of the olive oil, salt and oregano mixture to produce the tasty aroma, which gives this delicious aromatic flavor to the meat.

The fire should be strong but not so strong as to cause fire under the meat. For this we have a bottle of vinegar to turn it off in case of. We add the fresh lemon just before consuming them. We don’t trim the fat before grilling our meat because we like the taste of smoked meat.

Another famous place for barbecue souvlaki is the Corinth Bridge. This is the bridge from which you enter the Peloponnese. Don’t cross the bridge and miss out on the taste of this souvlaki. Thousands of people stop by every day to taste this local delicacy.

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